The Chicago Study Club

Academically challenging and clinically relevant concepts for a real-world environment.

The Chicago Study Club program is designed to increase your confidence when diagnosing, treatment planning and discussing restorative treatment options for patients with structurally altered jaw joints.

The emphasis of the club will be to develop the skills that can address issues at both the joint level and the tooth level from both a clinical and managerial perspective.


Study Club Learning

As a member of the Chicago Study Club, you will have direct input into the material taught during the meetings

Limited membership

Membership will be limited to dentists recommended by Chicago Study Club faculty or existing Chicago study club members.

Annual Fee

The annual membership for the study club is $6,800. Membership will be renewed annually based upon attendance of the meetings.

Redefining Occlusion

Occlusion will de redefined to include how the teeth fit together as well as how the joints fit together. This change in thinking will result to dramatic changes in your practice.

Clinical and Managerial Concepts

This unique learning environment will address both the clinical and managerial concepts that are necessary to implement concepts on a predictable basis in your practice. 

Learn with Like Minded Individuals

Study club learning is the most effective method of adult learning since everyone is seeking similar information. This allow for more material to be shared at each meeting than other learning formats.